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Lightning Damage

Are you having electrical issues in your home or business after a lightning storm?

Damage from a lightning strike is not something to mess around with. Let American Electrician ease your mind by providing you with high quality repairs to damage associated with lightning strikes to your Colorado Springs, Pueblo or Denver home or business.There are over 20 million lightning strikes detected in the contiguous United States every year. The western mountains of the United States, including Colorado, have frequent strikes. Lightning can contain well over 100 million volts and wreak havoc on your electrical wiring.

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Waiting is not an option, concealed damage in the wires of your home or business can cause fires in the future. Sometimes this type of damage shows up as flickering lights or outlets not working all the time, and doesn’t necessarily show up as something drastic right away. Also that it doesn’t have to be a direct hit, it could be a block away and cause issues

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Electrical storms occur when moist, unstable air rises and interacts with colder air in the atmosphere. This interaction leads to the formation of cumulonimbus clouds, which are characterized by towering heights and the presence of electrically charged particles. As the storm develops, an intricate interplay of positive and negative charges within the cloud and between the cloud and the ground gives rise to the phenomenon we know as lightning.

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Colorado Storms

Electrical storms, also known as thunderstorms, are awe-inspiring displays of nature’s power. As lightning arcs across the sky and thunder resonates through the air, these intense weather phenomena can wreak havoc on our surroundings. One of the most significant dangers associated with electrical storms is the potential for damage to electrical systems, posing risks to property, infrastructure, and human lives. In this article, we delve into the causes, effects, and strategies for mitigating electrical storm damage.

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Zero Risk Remodel Program

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In Colorado very frequently we get storms that cause electrical damage.

  1. Lightning Strikes: The most immediate and visually striking consequence of an electrical storm is lightning. A lightning strike can discharge millions of volts of electricity and reach temperatures hotter than the surface of the sun. When lightning strikes the ground or objects like trees, buildings, or power lines, it can cause significant damage.

Lightning’s immense energy can induce power surges in electrical systems. These surges, characterized by rapid voltage spikes, can damage sensitive electronic equipment, appliances, and electrical wiring. Power surges can also disrupt power distribution networks, leading to blackouts and electrical system failures.

Electrical storms are captivating natural events, but they can also leave behind a trail of destruction if not properly understood and prepared for. By implementing appropriate measures to mitigate electrical storm damage, such as surge protection, lightning rods, and tree maintenance, we can safeguard our homes, infrastructure, and valuable electronics. Understanding

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