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Snow Damage

Winter and early Spring can bring sudden and often destructive snowstorms.

The combination of moisture, high winds and weight of snow can topple utility lines, break tree branches and leave free-standing water. Any of these factors can lead to electrical damage in your home and leave you without power during the coldest times of the year. Some of this damage may not be noticed right away and cause problems down the road. Damage to your electrical meter, solar panels or outdoor breaker box can be costly and dangerous to fix on your own and should always be worked on by a licensed professional. When snowstorms hit, you’re going to want someone to come to your home as soon as possible to restore power or heat. If you you’ve experienced a recent snowstorm and suspect electrical damage, don’t wait until it’s too late. Call American Electrician for same day service.

Snow Damage Electrical Repair

The American Electrician team has over 34 years of extensive experience and provide high-quality work for you and your family. American Electrician offers same day service so that you don’t have to worry about being able to stay in your home or not. Proudly serving Colorado Springs, Denver & Pueblo, American Electrician is open 24 hours a day Monday-Saturday. Call us today to help repair any electrical damage caused by snow or wind so that you can get back to living that same day.

We will work hand in hand with your insurance provider to get the damage covered.

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