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What is a Quiet Cool Fan?

Quiet Cool is a leading manufacturer of whole house fans, or attic fans, which are an alternative home cooling system. Quiet Cool produces a unique fan system that minimizes noise, improves airflow in your home and reduces the need to run a traditional air conditioning unit. Using a special open loop ventilation system, these fans differ from an air conditioning system, which can only recycle the old air from inside your home. Quiet Cool’s fans work differently by bringing in fresh, clean air from outside.

Quiet Cool Fan InstallationThe first Quiet Cool attic fan was invented around 2003 by an American electrical contractor. Today, the company proudly manufactures its products in the United States.

At American Electrician, we recommend hiring a professional to take care of your Quiet Cool fan installation. During the install process, an experienced electrician will properly secure the fan system in your attic and connect it to the rest of the house through a vent. American Electrician offers installation of whole house fans in Colorado Springs and the surrounding areas of Colorado.

Benefits of a Whole House Fan

By installing an attic or whole home fan, our customers benefit from significantly lower A/C costs. According to the makers of Quiet Cool, installing one of their systems can reduce the costs of cooling your home by 50-90 percent. For homes in sunny Colorado, that can save hundreds of dollars a month during summer. The energy efficient system is good for the environment as well, using about 13 times less energy than A/C. As an extra benefit, running your air conditioning unit less often can extend the life of your air conditioner, which saves you even more money in the long-run.

In addition to cooling your home economically, a whole house ventilation system helps to eliminate pet dander and improve air quality in the home. For families whose members suffer from asthma or allergies, reducing air pollutants can lead to healthier and easier breathing. An attic fan can also help remove smoke or cooking odors from a home. The difference is that a whole home fan pulls in fresh air from the outdoors, rather than recycling the dusty, polluted air inside your home the way an A/C system would. Installing a Quiet Cool fan offers many benefits to your family’s health.

Whole House Fan InstallationQuiet Cool uses a patented noise dampening technology to produce a truly quiet whole house fan. The noise level will be similar to a traditional air conditioner in your home. That means the fan is quiet enough to run while watching TV or to leave on during the night while you sleep.

Interested in Whole House Fan Installation?

American Electrician is experienced in house and attic fan installation. Our friendly technicians are ready to install your whole house fan in Colorado Springs, Denver and Pueblo, Colorado. We work hard to make the installation process quick and convenient for you. We maintain your attic’s integrity with no joist cutting necessary, and we will also help you choose the most strategic places to locate the fan vents based on the rooms that you use most.

Contact American Electrician today to learn more about Quiet Cool fan installation. We are ready to answer your questions 24 hours a day, Monday through Saturday.  We can schedule an appointment for your Quiet Cool fan installation in Denver, Colorado Springs and Pueblo at your convenience.


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