Back-Up Generator

Imagine a sudden power outage, leaving your home in darkness, rendering your appliances useless, and disrupting your daily routines. Power outages can occur due to severe weather conditions, infrastructure failures, or unforeseen circumstances. In such situations, having a backup generator can be a game-changer. In this article, we will explore the reasons why investing in a backup generator is a wise decision that ensures your comfort, safety, and peace of mind.

Protector your assets and keep your electricity going.

Install a transfer switch and a reliable back up generator.

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Reliable Power Supply During Outages

The primary purpose of a backup generator is to provide a reliable power source when the main electrical grid fails. It automatically kicks in during a power outage, ensuring that essential appliances like refrigerators, heating or cooling systems, lights, medical equipment, and communication devices continue to function. With a backup generator, you can minimize disruptions to your daily life and maintain a comfortable living environment, regardless of external circumstances.

Enhanced Safety and Security

During power outages, safety and security can be compromised. Darkness increases the risk of accidents and makes it difficult to navigate your home. A backup generator keeps your lights on, eliminating potential hazards and allowing you to move freely. Moreover, security systems, alarms, and surveillance cameras rely on a continuous power supply. With a backup generator, you can ensure that your home remains protected, giving you peace of mind even during extended outages.

Preserving Food and Medications:

Power outages can lead to the spoilage of perishable food items, resulting in financial loss and food wastage. A backup generator can prevent this by keeping your refrigerator and freezer running, preserving your food supplies until power is restored. Similarly, individuals who rely on refrigerated medications, such as insulin, can avoid potentially life-threatening situations caused by medication spoilage. Having a backup generator in place safeguards your health and saves you from unnecessary expenses.

Emergency Preparedness

Natural disasters and emergencies can strike unexpectedly, leaving entire communities without power for extended periods. Having a backup generator is a crucial part of emergency preparedness. It enables you to maintain essential services, such as powering medical equipment, charging communication devices, running sump pumps to prevent flooding, and providing a source of heat or cooling, depending on the situation. A backup generator empowers you to be self-sufficient and better equipped to handle unforeseen circumstances.


Investing in a backup generator is a wise decision that ensures you are prepared for power outages and unexpected emergencies. It provides a reliable power supply, enhances safety and security, preserves food and medications, enables business continuity, and strengthens your overall emergency preparedness. By having a backup generator, you can navigate through power outages with ease, maintain comfort and normalcy in your daily life, and stay connected to the world around you. Embrace the power of preparedness and make a backup generator an integral part of your home.


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Zero Risk Remodel Program

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How can I get a back up Generator?  

Backup generators are designed to provide seamless power supply without requiring manual intervention. Equipped with an automatic transfer switch, they can detect when the main power source fails and automatically switch to generator power within seconds. This feature ensures that your backup generator starts working without any delays, keeping your essential appliances running smoothly.

Backup generators are available in various fuel options to suit different needs and preferences. The most common types include:

a. Diesel Generators: Diesel generators are renowned for their durability and efficiency. They are capable of producing a high amount of power and are often used for larger residential properties, commercial buildings, and industrial settings.

b. Natural Gas Generators: Natural gas generators are connected to the gas supply line and offer a convenient and clean fuel option. They are known for their quiet operation and are suitable for smaller to medium-sized homes and businesses.

Backup generators come in various sizes and power output capacities. The power output of a generator is measured in kilowatts (kW). It is crucial to assess your power requirements before choosing a generator. A professional electrician can help determine the appropriate generator size based on your specific needs, ensuring it can handle the load of your essential appliances during an outage.

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