About Us

Our Core Values

  1. Clients before product. The client will always feel like they are the most essential part of their remodeling experience.
  2. Building winners. We will be built on our religious tenets and our family values.
  3. To have the best work environment. We want the best work environment through respect, professionalism, integrity, cleanliness of our facilities, commitment to safety, and dedication to promoting the education of our team.
  4. We care MOST. From the beginning to the end of your project; our clients will experience beyond customer service and will also experience a positive attitude of genuine care from each and every one of our team members.
  5. The “Studz” principal- Treat every client like family. Treat their home like it’s your mother’s home.
  6. Our word is our bond. It just means to do what you say you will do. Our team’s commitment to this goal will be reflected in our promise of punctual scheduling, customer service, cleanliness, and professionalism.
  7. Take accountability- Although we always strive for perfection for each project, we understand that things happen. Each member of our team will enthusiastically take individual ownership of each project by listening to our clients concerns and address them promptly and properly.
  8. If you can’t stay motivated, stay consistent- To reproduce consistent positive results each and every time, our processes will be meticulously define documented through our trip and discipline system.
  9. Client is the schedule: Our projects will be organized in such a way that will be pleasant for the client. They will be structured specifically for each client from start to finish.
  10. Go the extra mile: From the initial contact consultation to project completion, we remind our clients that we care and always go the extra mile for each of them.

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