Ceiling Fan Installation

Having issues with air not moving throughout your house? Using electricians in Colorado Springs and South Denver to get your ceiling fan installation completed will help to alleviate this common problem. Not only will this household upgrade help cool you in the summer months, it will also accent any room beautifully.

Ceiling fans can be programmed at many different speeds, some of which will provide a light breeze at night or you can get heavy air flow during warm days. By having your new ceiling fan circulating counterclockwise during the summer, your room will feel six to eight degrees cooler. By having your room feel cooler thanks to your ceiling fan’s wind-chill effect, you will save up to 40% on your air conditioning costs.

Getting your ceiling fan installation project finished by electricians in Colorado Springs and South Denver will also help circulate warm air during the winter months. By using a ceiling fan rotating clockwise in the winter, the heat in your room will be uniform throughout the room. If you keep your fan at a low speed in the winter, you will lower energy use by up to 15% during the cold months. Your fan will make your room feel warmer and will eliminate the need to use dangerous household items like a space heater.

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